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My Customer Service Basics

These are rarely taught or shared, and are mostly common sense, however many times are never used.   It is these simple points that make the difference between good and bad customer experiences.

1) Make Time for the Customer

Don’t you love it when checkout staff are chatting to each other when they’re supposed to be serving you? … of course not.  Even on the phone, you can tell from someones tone of voice if they’re really listening to you or not.

Almost every customer service rep will be looking at a screen as well as listening to the customer (even when face-to-face).  The rep’s choice is to either try to multitask, or to focus on just one. The secret is to choose which to do at what time. If the customer is speaking – choose them, if you need to record/review information on the screen create a gap and do that (‘let me just have a look on my system’).

2) Pay attention to the customer and what they really want.  Note that sometimes what they want is not exactly what theyre saying.  If you cannot do that, explain why and explain what you can do instead.

3) Be honest, disappointment far is better than being lied to.

4) Be proactive to get things done.  The best method is to plan;

  • Make a plan and get the customers buy-in.  This aids clarity and often help garner customer participation.
  • Share the results and then make new plans based on these.  Keep things clearly moving forwards

5) Go the extra mile when it really matters.  It should be noted that this is not everytime.

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