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5 Things Not To Do (pet hates) in Customer Service Delivery

1.   Not being listened to.    Good example is having to repeat my problem several times before getting someone how can do something about it. Some customer service teams at least take the details on the first conversation, and then do a hand-over before passing me over… thats acceptable.   Better still is getting the service navigation (via phone, email, website) setup to be more accurate and easier to use.

2.   Not being understood.    Customer Service reps who haven’t tried to use the products common don’t ‘get’ what I am saying or describing.   Surely a short training session (and reminders) on trying to use the products would help.

3.   Not getting what I want, or any alternative, or an apology.   I don’t think I am unreasonable however sometimes the customer service rep on the phone explains what needs to be done (e.g. take stuff back) but without any apology that their product was defective.   Manners maketh the Service.

4.   Being inconvenienced or left out-of-pocket because of the problem.    I especially don’t like it when a problem means I have to spend lots of time/effort (and sometimes cost) to get things put right.

5.   Slow response to my problem enquiry.   I appreciate some things might take some time to resolve, but there is no excuse for not at least giving me a response or status update.

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