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The Tangible Impacts of Poor Customer Service Delivery

It’s hard to quantify the impact of poor customer service. Everyone knows what it feels like from the consumer side, however what does this mean to the bottom line?

The following list offers some real effects and hopefully will help focus company priorities.  It’s not enough anymore to have good products, they must be complimented by great services, and missing out on just a small amount of customer revenue in today’s economy might just be the difference between success and failure.

  1. Death by a thousand paper-cuts. A small but consistent feeling of dissatisfaction eventually affects the relationship between consumer and provider, and inevitably the product loyalty.
  2. Marketing.  These guys love to say things like “world-class customer support”, but if it’s not perceived as such by customers then the marketing messages are not trusted (“don’t believe the hype”) and lots of money gets wasted.
  3. Social Media.  Now everyone has a voice and unfortunately it could be a skilled blogger with thousands of followers that is the one guy who gets poor service. With a few well placed posts he can cause serious brand damage, much more than the old days of one guy moaning down the pub.
  4. Online Reviews.  Similar to Social Media, almost everyone now consults user-submitted review sites before making purchases, from holidays to cars to gadgets.  A public record of a poor experience can dissuade many prospective customers.  People trust each other much more than corporate marketing.
  5. Internal Motivation.  Delivering good service should feel good, like it’s the right thing to do.  When staff feel good about their job they work better and positively influence those working around them.  Everyone wins.  The opposite happens when service delivery is poor.  If customers are upset and angry, staff become deflated, defeated and unhappy – negatively affecting those around them.

Feel free to spin this list the other way …  the ‘Tangable Impacts of Great Customer Service Delivery’ and see all the benefits that could be gained. No Brainer really.

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