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5 Ways To Make Sure Customers Go Away Happy

It’s inevitable that almost all customers are unhappy when they first contact the service department, but that doesn’t have to be the case when they’re done with it.   Here are some tips on what can be done to turn that frown-up-side-down;

  • Have some Easter Eggs. Software designers (especially game coders) sometimes keep customers engaged by writing in some special, secret surprises that give their customers an unexpected treat in a certain specific scenario. What if your service delivery team had a small metaphorical ‘bucket of treats’ they could hand-out when needed.  Examples include; free periods of service, discount vouchers, special information or reports, printed messages of gratitude, small games or gifts (e.g. squeezy-toy), small complimentary products, or even entry into a prize draw.  It’s nice to hear or read “due to the inconvenience caused we would like to give you …” – assuming its something nice and not an ill-timed sales effort.
  • Super-Fast Replacement. Never waiting for goods to be returned before sending the replacement.  To do so is cheap and a poor service experience for the customer.  Similar applies when challenging a customer about their original sale, either from different channels (web vs store) or due to proof-of-purchase problems (especially for own-branded).
  • High Quality Returns. This better this is, the more likely the customer will come back and not shop elsewhere next time. Its amazing how bad some are. The expectation is that there should be prepaid suitable packaging provided to customers homes – anything less is a pain. Mail-order catalogs (and some website-only stores) are now notoriously good at this, but store retailers often fall flat.
  • Don’t just fix it, make it better. Whenever possible try to actually improve the customers experience with the product rather than just correcting something. Offer information on getting more from it, or perhaps advice on complimentary products clearly explaining the benefits to them and their situation (and not just doing a cross-sell).
  • A Relationship.  Offering customers a direct contact should the same problem reoccur is a great way to reassure customers that any further problems will be immediately expedited and actually there is confidence about the solution offered (people tend to hide from poor solutions).  It also feels like a personal reward for the communication effort made, almost as a new relationship has been created around the product.

Does your company offer something similar or better.  Please comment with great ideas.

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