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Insights from a Customer Service Conference

Below are a few pieces of inspiration I gleaned based on day#1 of the 2010 Institute of Customer Service conference currently running (blog).

1. Customer Service Delivery

  • Delivering customer service needs to be “Right First Time”, and rarely (if ever) include temporary, low quality solutions.
  • The psychology of customer service delivery is rarely discussed.  Since customer service is largely about interacting with people, its an emotional experience, whether businesses like that or not.  Are staff trained or recruited appropriately? It’s first about attitude and then skill and knowledge.
  • Success is easier when employees are passionate about the brand. “What we do is special because…”
  • A recent CEO survey illustrated that Technology is what keeps them up at night. It’s seen as a huge opportunity if they get it right, but as equally large threat they get it wrong.

2. Customer Service Management

  • Despair.com is an amusing spin on those motivational posters some companies love to scatter around their offices.
  • Many execs use calendar bookings to make sure they take time to think about innovatations, taking quiet time away from the day-to-day noise of work.
  • Life comes first … the stress brought on by life (money, health, relationships) is much greater than that from work. This needs to be factored-in to deliver high quality people management.
  • Homeworkers are on average 38% more productive than office-based staff.
  • Don’t focus on weakness – especially when it is at the detriment of focusing on strengths.  When weaknesses have little real impact, focus on further developing strengths.
  • Sir Clive Woodward said: “Leaders get the culture they behave” (i.e. Walk-the-walk).

I am looking forward to more verification of what I already know, plus some new insights based on listening to all the customer service experts (audience and speakers) attending this exciting and inspirational conference.

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