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Making Customer Service More Fun

As mentioned in the “Getting and Staying Healthy” section of my book, fun is a bit of a cheesy cliche and is often ignored or shelved as not a “priority” in the 24×7 overloaded service delivery world in which we operate.  The problem is Service Quality is always hanging around the top of the CEO’s agenda but it’s just hard to get a meaningful and positive action as a result.  One simple and often-forgotten way is to simply put more fun into work.  Here are some real examples I’ve seen and used:

Better Rewards

  • Weekly Awards worth having.  I’ve seen $20 Amazon.com vouchers work well.
  • Non-Financial Recognition. I recently saw a special (closest) parking space for a weekly recognized best service rep.
  • Special Opportunities – lunch with the MD, invite to a management meeting, project involvement, and a short offsite visit (e.g. our store or factory)
  • Not just rewarding special situations, but recognition of heavy workloads that people deal with.  People in the trenches often help support the high-flyers without much recognition.

More Fun Tools

  • Customization – Allow creation of limited extra capabilities, such as reporting.
  • Visualization – add more graphics to represent boring data, help focus attention, and show trends.
  • Personalization – so the tools look and feel how people really want.  Promotes ownership and proper use.
  • Add Scoring and Ranking – but don’t forget to control the competitiveness though (e.g. show top 5 leaders only)

More Positive Service Outcomes

  • Service Improvement suggestions that can be owned and really actioned with management
  • Product Improvement suggestions for passing into the product development process
  • Recognize practical cost saving suggestions and opportunities, again with ownership

Weekly Show-n-Tell

  • What I learned this week.  Not everyone knows everything and no-one wants to learn the hard way.
  • Amusing customer service stories or customer statements.  I keep a record of these to amuse myself occasionally.
  • Tip of the Week – each week it passes to someone else to come up with it.

Everyone knows that when we enjoy what we’re doing we do it better.  Be brave and suggest something to your manager today.

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