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Success Insight: Be Simple and Complete

I recently went on vacation and found something unusual that brought a smile to my face as a consumer and frequent traveler – decent WiFi connection. By decent I do NOT mean the speed/bandwidth, but actually the completeness of the service.

Here are the salient points:

  • To register I just entered my name and room number. Integration of back-end systems obviously took care of billing (actually free for my room type), and any more personal details needed.
  • I could setup multiple devices (phone, iPad, laptop) with no conflicts and no repeat registration or billing.
  • It extended throughout the whole resort, not just my room or the accommodation.
  • I don’t know who provided the technical service – and I don’t care. There was an initial homepage upon first registering where I could get resort info (including a WiFi help-deskย  if needed), but I was only forcefully dragged there once (i.e. I didn’t have to login ever again).

I consider the lesson here is to be successful you need to do things right. No one is naive enough to think that this doesn’t come without iteration and continuous improvement, however I had visited this resort not that long ago and last time there was no WiFi at all – which I understood and accepted – and now it’s the best WiFi I’ve ever encountered, just because it’s simple and complete.

As this example illustrates, removing restrictions, limitations, complexity and other user challenges is a great way to easily improve both products and customer services. As John Franklin said “simplicity taken to the extreme becomes elegance”.

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