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Happiness Is In Building Something


Of course this might be just me but it seems the best work and fun comes when building something yourself.

We can all build a little each day, its what makes me feel worthwhile!

Here are some examples:

  • Building a new or improved product
  • Building a tool to help do a task better or eliminating it
  • Building a process to make a task more effective
  • Building a market for increasing product sales
  • Building positive personal perception (incl customer service experiences)
  • Building useful and interesting relationships
  • Building expertize and skillfulness
  • Building information and knowledge resources
  • Building a community or network

Like all building efforts you need a good plan, but from what I can tell it’s best to get the basic blueprint laid out and then start fairly quickly, as the sooner you can see (or measure) progress the better the reward, the more you’ll continue, and the broader your smile.

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