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Gamification is not new

Intrigued by the concept, I’ve been doing some reading/watching around gamification in the workplace and whilst reading this piece something finally dawned on me, gamification is already here.

For those keen to climb the corporate ladder, win new customers, and score the big bonus, the elements of game playing and competition are right there. Even those wishing to standout just enough to keep their jobs have to win the praise of management to achieve a a good performance appraisal score.

So I think gamification really just offers the icing on the cake, such as:

  • Better visibility into relative performance
  • More opportunities to compete
  • An engaging process and tool-set for competing
  • Opportunity to make things a bit more fun
  • Opportunity to use more technology!

Clearly there is a difference between competition and gamification, however the whole workplace could be considered one of many games.

Applying software-based games, in my opinion, should increase visualization and engagement, but without proper care is unfair and could be dangerous to enforce across people with different roles, goals, personalities, and unique skills.

Anyway, one amusing example is my daughters school just offered 20 house-points to any child whose parents bake a cake for the Christmas Fair, there you go Gamification in the wild!

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