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My New Book #1

Having gone through this once before, I thought it might be an interesting side project to chronicle the whole book authoring process – from idea to reality. I’ve seen this kind of thing prove very popular, would make a nice record for me in the future, and I just read this blog post by Seth Godin that was kind of in the same ballpark.

So here is the history so far:

1. Got the idea to apply the concepts, ideas, principles, and structure from my first book done for a brand new product, to an existing product set. The idea is to revitalize existing product use, plus speak to a wider audience. Discussed this in detail and decided it makes sense to pursue it, during a swim with wife in a swimming pool at Rushton Hall Hotel during a New Years Eve mini-break : 31-Dec-2011

2. Created a book proposal draft, just a two page word document. Chapter headings similar to previous book, so that made it easy!: 06-Jan-2012

3. Sent the proposal to the Publisher of my first book: 10-Jan-2012

4. First response “I like the outline” and vague promise to take to board as official proposal, once a few questions ironed out: 24-Jan-2102

5. Various questions back and forth about target audience, title, and such. Wasn’t rushed especially (new person at publishers) so took 3months overall.

6. Finally got “we got the green light on your project” from publisher: 23-May-2012

7. Proposed to my internal management chain for the required approvals: 24-May-2012:

  1. First Approval Received (my management) : 25-May-2012
  2. Second Approval Received (product owner), after follow up with associate:Β 08-June-2012

8. Created folders with blank word documents, one for each of the 11 Chapters. Gulp – as everything starts from zero right here: 01-June-2012

9. Submitted the approvals obtained (and some other details) to the Publisher and our internal legal/copyright teams who then create the contracts: 12-June-2012

10. Begun research by looking carefully at all existing published materials. Added significant/useful titles and references into each of the empty word documents where that was most suited: 05-June-2012

11. Added first book chapters into folders as some of the core principles (and perhaps format/structure) will be reused: 06-June-2012

12. Decided manuscript submission deadline will be 31-Jan-2013 based on roughly 7months to complete it: 08-June-2012

13. First bit of work at weekend, including added first draft image: 10-June-2012

14. Outlined to publisher the rough schedule (awaiting contracts). Emailed the top people on my list to request they become Technical Editors (reviewers) for the book. Begun this blog post series: 18-June-2012

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