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My New Book #2

Recent progress on writing my book – Research and the writing begins:


  • The contract/agreement from the publisher finally came through. Detail on advance payment was a nice surprise as wasn’t included last time around. Not loads of money after taxes and exchange rate, but an incentive for sure (staged payments upon manuscript delivery). Needs printing and copies signed and fedex’d back. 19-June-2012
  • Found a very similar titled book, but from more than ten years ago. Different content but shows my draft title is a bit misleading/unsuitable (originated from publisher). Shared this with the publisher and agreed to revise. Have to delay contract signing until this is firmed up. 20-June-2012
  • Sent out request to my best technical contacts to ask if they’d be Technical Editors for the book (review and feedback). Amazingly each one agreed! One (Scott) is very experienced at this and works inside our development org, so will be great. The other (Jim) is a real hands-on guy, generally regarded as the best we have, with a fabulous approach and lots of real product experience. I’ve also got an informal reviewer (Chris) who is working on another book that I am also assisting with -quid pro quo. 21-June-2012
  • Finally did an initial draft writing schedule sketch, 11 chapters into 9 months is about 3 weeks per chapter. Shared with publisher. Must write down hard deadlines, but keep delaying it! 25-June-2012
  • Finished my Basic Research phase, and now have 11 documents (one per chapter) filled with ideas, notes, links, and raw materials. They’re a mess obviously but it’s a start. Got a few hours in at the weekend too. 24-June-2012
  • With time ticking away started filling out Chapter 1 from my basic ideas and research. Got some great research notes on the product history, although needs putting into sentences. 25-June-2012
  • Seemed a good idea to try to describe all the features of the product I am writing about, so tech folks could better relate to what users are doing with the software. This has turned into huge task however, although I think it’s worth it as I’ve never seen such a useful or comprehensive summary (without opening the product documentation one by one). Should be a handy reference, although has taken >10hours to write. 26-June-2012
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