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My New Book #3

Got a bit behind in keeping the blog posting of this project. Don’t think anyone missed it however doing this more for future reference than anything else.

Anyway, here is a bit of detail to bring things up-to-date, and I’ll try to keep this moving with some insights/tips too.

  • I decided to defer doing the Introduction until the end of writing, so I can properly describe what is in the book. Hopefully it’s not far from what I intend, but you can never tell!
  • Chapter 1 First Write completed on target 13th July 2012. Few more pages than I expected, and flow needsΒ  a bit fine-tuning, but its a good first draft I think.
  • Chapter 2 First Write completed on target 25th July 2012. Nice to rework and refine my ‘model’ created in my first book.
  • Started getting my Technical Editor feedback on chapters. Doing the incorporation of these comments after the full first write, however obviously noting significant items so I don’t keep making the same mistakes!
  • Chapter 3 First Write completed on target 24 August 2012. Again good to rework existing material than start from scratch. Much easier.
  • Person responsible for the book art (3rd party consultant) gave feedback on some samples I sent. A few adjustments to my PC settings for screenshots needed, but seem OK otherwise.
  • Chapter 4 First Write completed on target 14 Sept 2012. A small chapter that bring together the others and launches the next 5 big sections.
  • Chapter 5 First Write completed on target 28 Sept 2012. This was tough as is all new stuff. Also I was traveling on business which actually helped give me the time at the end. Loads of great new content though.
  • Chapter 6 First Write didn’t work with my original target of 12th Oct 2012, just not enough time with some other major commitments in that period. Fortunately my nice publisher agreed on schedule rejig which means new achievable target.
  • Probably around 60 art items created so far, am hoping the visuals enrich my words.
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