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My New Book #4 – Is that a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?

Hard Work

As the end of the year approaches the first book-related post to my blog reminds me that its nearly 12months since the inception of this project.

But although the end is almost in sight it seems that it’s taken an inordinate amount of time to get here.

Oh well, at least progress is being made even if it’s slow. Here are the highlights from the last month or two:

  • Delivered Chapter 7 First Write on (new) target date – 23rd November. This one was a big one since a chapter on managing performance is a good chunk of what I think the reader will want. Good amount of graphics again, as I work hard to show real examples of the tools and techniques I am describing. Also means my descriptions on have to be exhaustive making for a nicer experience for everyone.
  • Got some more Technical Edits back, comments all seem to make sense with some really valuable suggestions. I especially liked adding more consideration of use-case into my toolbox chapters. As such I am including an extra index table in each, orientated around which tools you might use during Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Managing scenarios. Am still going to work on the incorp’s/changes once the first writes are done.
  • Also transitioned into a new job in my company, somewhat thanks to the books to help me get noticed. This currently means a little more writing-time during my UK evenings, as I am now out of numerous calls set on US west-coast time. Probably temporary as the new role ramps up, but the break is really helping getting more time to write.
  • Delivered Chapter 8 First Write pretty much on time – 18th Dec 2012, having sneaked in an extra weekend to finish it off. Mentioned to my publisher that I’m including a larger number of graphics that I had originally planned, roughly 1 per page of text, and despite the potential higher production costs it will produce much richer content. Most are actually screenshots so get printed pretty much as-is, keeping costs lower.
  • Given myself a little extra time for Chapter 9, the final of the larger toolbox chapters, so I get to enjoy a little time off over Christmas and New Year.
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