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My New Book #6: Manuscript iterations 1 and 2 complete

Progress markers are starting to appear, now with a set of files that seem to look more like something that could become a book, as opposed to drafts, links, images, and notes.  Here are the latest progress points:

  • Completed Chapter 11 on schedule, marking the finish of the ‘first write’ of the manuscript.  The content is mostly there, in sections and sentences, and with graphics. This was due on 10th March and go in about 9 days early.
  • Spent about 3 weeks getting each of the 11 chapters back from the two Technical Editors, with comments and suggestions.  Somewhat laborious work going through each of these 22 chapters and making changes to my original files.  All credit to my editors for turning these round quickly and including lots of comments and extra information. Also noted was able to add more ‘experience’ to the content based on what they’ve seen as well.
  • Completed the Technical Edit incorporations (including many graphic edits) and all sent to publisher on 2nd April.
  • Did count up of the manuscript so far:
    • 227 pages of text – without graphics/final formatting.
    • 241  graphics – mostly screenshots and diagrams
    • 126,000 words approximately
  • Next the draft manuscript goes to editorial review which is a copy-edit cycle for grammar, typo, style etc. As such another long process of reviewing all 11 chapters (+intro and appendix).
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