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My New Book #7: Image Sizes and Copyedit


  • Final payment of the Advance (4 chunks based on draft manuscript completion phases). Not huge amount of money after taxes and $-to-£ conversion, but still a nice reward for the hard work.
  • April 2013: I had to re-review a bunch of images, around 30, which where too large for printing in the normal space (4 inches), making them either hard to make out or illegible. Some serious cropping was done whilst keeping the main  gist. A few fresh ones with a bit more focus were used as replacements, which is some cases meant setting up another testcase. This is another reason why having a publisher on-board is good, as they  know what wouldn’t work, as opposed to self-publishing and finding out after printing!)
  • May 2013. Each chapter (1-11) had to be next copy-edited by a professional (outsourced to a third party by the publisher). It was shocking  that there were many adjustments to be made, not quite every sentence, but lots. In some way it does mean that the final work is to be of great quality however!
  • Also the copy-editor is non-technical therefore queries parts that don’t make obvious sense, often because I have assumed too much. Also a good check on cross-references, images make sense, my metaphors work, and other general writing improvements.
  • Each copy-edit cycle of 2 chapters at a time gave me  about 1 week turn-around. Therefore another 5 weeks of work on this phase, reviewing every single sentence over again. I finally finished this cycle on the 7th June.
  • Next to go are Page Proofs review cycle. This is basically PDF’s of the completed content but with final layout and styling applied. I think with images also which will be pretty existing to see.
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