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My New Book #8: Page Proofs

cheqThe next (and final) phase is a review of the ‘page proofs’. These are PDF’s of each chapter of the manuscript now with final layout and graphics, but still allow for markup and comments. Very easy to use. Requires another full reading iteration, although each chapter takes only a few days to go through. Files are secure FTP’ed back and forth to publishing companies servers into clearly marked folders. Files move from folder to folder showing progression through the process.

  • Reviewed the ‘front matter’, basically the cover and initial content – the introduction, acknowledgements, dedication (always fun). Noted there are some nice new graphics for this book.
  • The actual book title, sub-title, and table of contents all reviewed and proofed as well. Amazing the last few changes made.
  • Also the back of the book wordings, again always nice to draw out the highlights. This time no problems in reviewing what the publisher came up with – and better than I could have put it!
  • Added and reviewed the Appendix proof. This is a complete product listing which runs to quite a few pages. Nice reference thought as summarizes what the dozens of products are used for.
  • Noticed a couple remastered using the publisher stock images for common items like laptops or servers. Seems to be a copyright thing, so left most with the replacement images.
  • Noticed the books nearly 400 pages now, with all the images and extra bits.
  • Page Proof cycle done by 1st July, taking about 3 weeks for the whole book. Not bad since required a complete re-read and I did still find some typos and small mistakes that are nice to have corrected.
  • A Publishing Services 3rd party company took over, who do the printing, and including another full iteration by them, sending back about 20 questions on things that could be improved. Some meaning, some graphics, some references for further reading. Another 2 weeks to complete that.
  • The book is now (10th Aug) complete, and off to the printers. Expected about 6 weeks before first print run copies are out. I get 10 copies myself, so am watching the post with some excitement.


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