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Next New Project – PhD

December 5, 2013 Leave a comment

phdSomething I dreamed of 20 years ago as a fresh graduate, and now with experience backing me up, I have been offered a place on a PhD program.

My research area is Enterprise Application Management, continuing on from the books, although the first 6months is for working out exactly what research I will do – the hypothesis I can come up with and what I can really, practically, test out.

The first part includes two ‘research’ taught modules, great for someone out of academia for so long, and having completed the first on the philosophy of research (and its 5000 word assignment), I am learning a great amount already.

Sure, it’s a huge challenge, loads of extra work (outside of work), lasts from 3-7 years (part-time), but the opportunity was there and I’d be really stupid not to try.

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