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My New Book #5 – New Year

January 22, 2013 Leave a comment

newyrΒ  Now we’re into the new year it seemed a good resolution to keep on top of blog posts a little more.

My new job is currently focused around blogging out content also right now, so wordpress (and others) is becoming my best friend. Isn’t is weird how things change, usually when you almost give up hope.

Anywhere here is my recent progress report.

  • Submitted Chapter 9 (first write) on 10th Jan, actually four days early! A shorter chapter, although still rich, mostly because some topics were better served by summary and directing the reader to specialist content (books, articles etc) than me trying to pretend I know everything about everything.
  • Got a full month until Chapter 10 deadline (10th Feb) which is nice. This is a “bringing it all together” type, and the challenge is getting the messages clear rather than technical content particularly. I also found some old content I wrote intended for another book (never published) with some similar topics so go a good start there.
  • During research I stumbled over some additional items for other chapters, which I regard as lucky and a blessing, rather than giving concerns about why I missed this the first time! Fortunately additional content can be still added so a good catch.
  • Got my first Advance Payment cheque also, paid in installments after submission of a certain amount of content. After taxes and $-to-Β£ exchange rate it didn’t look quite such a juicy figure at all, however it was really great to receive after the Christmas overspend and a little reward for the hard work.
  • Once this is done I am on the LAST CHAPTER – hurrah! It doesn’t mean its finished just yet, with the Introduction and Appendix to do, plus all the technical and editorial edits. But compared to facing a blank word document and a legal contact to submit a chapter in a month, what’s left is a breeze.
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